Friday, February 15, 2008

CHA day 3

Here I am at the Heidi Grace make & take booth. Day 3 making gum drop kabobs. Easy, fun and oh so yummy.

As promised, here are pictures from CHA. Lot's of pictures.
Day 3 was slower than the others as the show was starting to wind down. My make and take booth was not as busy as the previous days and this gave me time to browse around the other booths.
Once again my back pack was super heavy filled with all the magazines and catalogs I picked up wandering through the show. I was so exhausted on Tuesday, had not slept well the night before, and had a headache and sore throat. But I stuck it out and went anyways. I didn't want to miss a thing.
I sure hope I get a chance to do this again. Maybe Chicago in the Spring? Hmmmm. It's a thought. But for sure next February when it's back in Anaheim.
So, now for photos, and lots of them. My blog has not had many photos on it anyways. And they are not in any particular order.

Heidi Swapp
Heidi Swapp

Fiskateer group: Angela, Anita, Me, Tara, Amyre, Wendy Joe, Stephanie

Karen Foster Designs
Tara with her tush on a Kumfy cush
Me with my tush on a Kumfy cush
Tara and me sporting our Cricut shirts and we got a free cartridge
Tara at Heidi Swapp

My Fiskateer pride signed shirt
Mor shirts I picked up
Look at all this loot. And this is not even all of it
Fiskateer picuture. I missed it :(
Lot's of people everywhere!

Clear bags, bookcover with felting, cricut cartridge
I am Fiskateer # 1154
Signatures on my Fiskateer shirt
Nadia from Home Made Simple on TLC - my hero!
Mark Montano also on TLC. You can see him on Ten Years Younger

Tara and Brian at the Li'l Davis. Forgot the other gals name.
Fiskars goodies and my very handy and very used apron.
Fliers, catalogs, business cards and stuff I picked up.
Magaznies...and this is not even all of them
My picuture of me on my Komfy Cush. The printed our picture and gave us this cool page.

Fiskateer Amyre at the Fiskars punch booth
Michelle and Tara at the Li'l Davis make & take booth
oops, a duplicate picture. guess I was not paying attention

oops, another

Heidi Grace booth
Cloud 9 Design
And more Fiskars

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Nan Paturzo said...

naomi, great CHA pics! i have tagged you - check my blog for details :)