Saturday, March 31, 2007

Big PIcture Scrapbooking

Here is some info from a recent email. Click the link and it takes you right to May's class. The class starts soon so better register now if you are interested.

As scrapbookers, we want to preserve the details of our lives on our pages. What better way to do that is there than to include the actual memorabilia from our daily lives - whether the cupcake wrapper from a birthday party, the weekly shopping list, or a scrap of a favorite shirt that's falling apart? Join May Flaum for a new workshop at Big Picture Scrapbooking to learn how to make beautiful and inexpensive embellishments and accents from everyday items. Soon, you will go on a treasure hunt in your home, finding wonderful bits of memorabilia to include on your pages! May will inspire us to make our pages unique and special with saved treasure!
Learn more and register at !

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My first online scrap class

I am really enjoying the Fiskateer website. Spend too much time on it sometimes, but I love checking out the message board and the blogs and all the cool ideas. Fiskateer May has an online scrap class on Big Picture Scrapbooking ( On the website home page, click classes, then on that page click on workshops to find this class and the description. You can also click on give it a try for more classes. There are also some free classes you can download once you register.
This one is Everyday Treasures by May Flaum. Starts April 5 and is 4 weeks, through May 2. You get instructions to down load each week. This class is about using unusual items, like a clothing tag, ticket stub, stuff like that. Thought it would be fun and interesting. I love finding ways to use everyday things to put on my layouts and always looking for new and fun ideas.
So, will let you know how the class goes and be sure to post my layout. Sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait to give it a try.
Hope the link works if you want to check out the site. Fun :)
Happy scrapping!!! ~

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I went to Angels on Friday night for a St. Patty's day crop, 6 pm to 2 am. Had a great time chatting with Lanetta and Jessica. Lanetta and I got our yummy nachos from Baja Fresh too. Yumm - O!

I finished Evelyn's baby book! Finally. It has taken years and I finally got serious about it last year. My next project is to organize Greg's so I can get that done for him. He keeps asking to see his book.

I also got several layouts done too. And I won 2 raffle drawings. I hardly ever win so I was very excited!

Here are a few layouts. I will also post them on my Fiskateer site.

Annie (2007)

Pumpkin Patch (1997)

Halloween (1997)

Cousins (1997)

Mission and Dino report (2006)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cute altered boxes

Last Friday night I went to Angels for a much needed scrap night. I really didn't scrap but finished up some projects and organized my pictures for the next scrap night. It's great to be organized again. Evelyn came along with me for awhile and I helped her out with some of her pages. She loves to scrap too:)

I made some more boxes which are perfect for gifts. The boxes are from Michael's, painted, a vintage sticker and button glued on and some decorative ribbon. Wa-la! Done in no time.

Here is Evy getting ready to scrap.

Completed boxes.