Monday, November 12, 2007

Anybody home???

Yes, I know it..... I have been neglectful. But if you read my other blog, you will know I have no time. Oh, wait, plenty of time, but not for scrapping and fun projects. I have done some things, have taken a fun class and actually just went to a fun scrap day. That one, I helped plan. Oh, I know I have also been tagged a few times.

So my friends and my trusty blog.........I have not forgotten you. I promise I will post, reply to my tag and keep up this blog, at least for awhile.

If you have been wondering where I have been......I've been a busy mom wearing many hats: Football mom, Soccer mom, Horse mom, homework mom, carpool mom and the list goes on...... It's been busy since early August with football, then soccer, then school starting which brings on carpool and homework and school projects. Oh, and I have a full time job. No I am not being sarcastic. Not in my nature, just a little punchy now as I am still a bit overwhelmed.

But I did have a great time on Saturday at our C2R first day crop at the Red Bee in Tustin. What a great store and a great bunch of folks who work there and who own the store. And what a great group of gals who came to crop. :) I can't wait to go back to a scrap night there, even if it is a little drive. I unpacked my stuff and left it in the garage. Tom is out of town this week so I figured since we no longer have football practice, only soccer, I can spend some time putting things away where they belong and organizing my closet a little better. I did clean out my office closet yesterday. Looking nice!! Photo op? maybe.

Well, my scrappy friends, I must sign off. Almost time for the kids to be home and me to be homework/snack mom. I am hoping to squeeze in a quick (yeah right) trip to the mall too.