Monday, April 16, 2007

I am working on a secret project

Yes, I am. I have decided to make a project to enter into a contest at Angels Scrapbook Garden. My LSS. I sure wish I could post a picture here but can't till the contest is over. It involves the Bind it All ( I had a long chat with Lisa today about the project. I am now convinced to enter. Thank you Lisa! Maybe I will get to work on my second idea too.
I went to the scrap night on Friday night. I got there at 5, rather than 6 to start work on my project. I had it safely tucked away before the 6:00 crowd got there.
But I am happy to say, I did start 2 projects at Angels. I finished them at home as I needed my Cricut to cut the letters. I will download the photos and post them here in a few days. Need to mail them off to the recipients.
I also got started on another lay out. Adventure Princesses. Its' a fun one! I didn't get to finish as I was too busy chatting with Lanetta and Judy and also TJ and her group of fun gals.
Oh, and I got a crop-a-dile. What fun! Now it is easy to set eyelets and to punch holes in cd's and other stuff. Used my Michaels coupon for a great deal. I have so many eyelets and brads that I have not been using as they are hard to set. But this tool sure makes it easy to set them. I made some fun flowers on Sunday.
Ok, I know I am rambling and said I was calling it a night. Good night everyone!!


I am so excited! Our Crops2Remember first crop is just around the corner. April 27 - 29 here in Lake Forest, CA. Oh my. I remember when Michele, Jessica and I first jotted down our ideas on that piece of scrap paper in January. Wow, and here we are about to launch our first weekend crop.
We met on Saturday and boy oh boy, have we got tons of great stuff! Just a few finishing touches and it's ready to go. I won't post any pictures of the goodies yet, will just have to wait till the weekend is over.
We have some local vendors coming to our crop too. Me and My Big Ideas is coming on Friday night. Check them out at . Our own Fiskateer Cheryl is coming on Saturday, (I am #1154 and got my engraved scissors today! ~ Thanks you Fiskars).
Back to MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas). I knew they were local and am so excited to meet Stephanie. I used to use their kids stickers in my books when the kids were younger. I could always find the perfect blond boys and girls. I still use their product to this day.
Fiskateers, love that site. I am on it way too much. But there are so many great ladies there. Love the message board and am in my second swap. I have gotten so many ideas from the site too. I can't wait to meet Cheryl who is stopping by on Saturday! I am also enjoying my Big Picture Scrapbooking online class with May.
Now, back to our weekend. Did I say I am excited?? Well, I am. There are ladies coming from all over and I am so excited to meet them all. My mom is bringing dinner by on Friday night. She is excited too. I will have Tom bring the kids by one day so the kids can actually get an idea for what I do when I am away at a scrap weekend. I am glad it is close by so I will still be able to get to Greg's baseball game Saturday night.
Well, I am calling it a night. I am tired.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!

I want to wish you and your families all a Happy Easter. :) May you all enjoy your day with your families and friends. The kids don't like to dye eggs anymore, boring, so they say. But we did fill plastic eggs for the egg hunt tomorrow. Now that is more fun. Here are our pretty eggs.

But I also thought I would try some eggs like Julie, oops, Martha did. Well, mine didn't turn out like Julie's (thankfully!) or Martha's (figures). Here they are, but I wouldn't eat them! The brownish ones were boiled in coffee and then I let them sit for awhile to get darker. The kinda reddish ones, with the flakes on them, were boiled in chili flakes. I am not the cook like Julie and Martha, so tried the next best thing I had, chili flakes rather than chili powder. Didn't work very well. Lastly, the pink ones were boiled in water mixed with a powdered energy drink. Thought it might turn out pink since that is the color when mixed with water. Nope. But I put in some red food coloring and let the eggs soak.

So, my take on all this, by the Paas egg coloring kit, or better yet, the colored eggs from the store, or even better, fill the brightly colored plastic eggs with jelly beans and other yummy candy.

Once again ~ Wishing you a wonderful Easter from the Murphy's.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Big Picture Scrapbooking, class starts today

Today is the day! The first day of May's online class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. As soon as the kids and Tom were out the door, I got on my email and found an email from May. :) Follow the link to open the class room door for the first session of Everyday Treasures. Oh fun.......I'm excited. I need to get some scrapping done. What neat layouts she has done. And the things she uses. I won't give away any secrets until the very end. You may still be able to sign up for the class. The links to the site and the class are in the posts before this one.
So, my treasure hunt begins. Ayy mateys! The possibilities are endless.
I am going to a crop at Angels on Friday, April 13 and hope to have a good stash of stuff to use then. Maybe for Easter pictures.....hmmmmm could work, creative juices are flowing, well, a little bit (I am tired today and having a hard time thinking)
I also have a super idea for the Angels Bind it All contest. Check out But I'm not giving away my idea until it is done!!
Happy Easter everyone. May we all remember the real meaning of Easter!