Saturday, August 18, 2007

I got to scrap last night

Oh yea, uh huh, I got to scrap last night.
It was getting late, close to 8, and I was home all alone. So, I decided to drag it all out into the living room and set up there. I got 4 pages done. 2 almost done. I am leaving it up so I can continue tonight. Oh yea, uh huh! Have so many pages to post.
Time to get ready for the first football scrimmage today. Big day for Greg. He is still asleep. shhh. Hope he sleeps till 8 or later. Gonna be a hot one here today!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My mess

It always seems that no matter what type of organizers I get and what I do, it is just never right. Stuff all over the place and contstant rummaging around to find what i need. I don't have a crafts room or even a small corner to put my stuff in. So, it's shoved in my closet and the office closet. Oh, office, that sounds like a good place for stuff. Well, no, not really. This is where I work all day at my job. Tom' stuff is in her as well as a desk for the kids computer. It's a small room and very overlly crowded. It's also the place where stuff is dumped unitl it finds a home.

So, after my fun Crops2Remember weekend early August, I left all my stuff out with the hopes of organizing and purging. I have already purged so much! So, anyways, last weekend I decided to give it my best organizing and consolodating. I did it too. I broke down and bought a vintage suitcase from Angels Scrapbook Garden. And got another XL tote from Michaels (yeah for 40% coupons!) Still have to put the tote to good use as I just got it yesterday.

What a mess! How did I ever get all this stuff?
I got this at Target. It has paint, brushers, ink stamps, distressing ink, adehsives, tools, etc... Even some stamps fit on the other side.
The organizer behind the blue box is great for goodies and it is all labeled too!
Now, this is much better. See my cute vintage black and pink suitcase? Well, it's stuffed full of a few projects I really want to finish up.
Now, at my scrap weekend, everyone had Stickles. Glittery glue. And what girl does not like glitter and a little bling bling in her scrap books. So, I went to my favorite shopping mall (ebay) and found a gal that sells in quantities. Got 1o of my choice. Even got these pretty flowers from her. I like the containers and wall hanger too and want to hang it up on my wall. But what wall? Maybe when I get a scrap corner :)

My new XL tote is not pictured here. But, the gree/blue collapsable rolling box will be transferred into the tote. I am hoping I will be able to stack it on top of the other tote and roll them around together. Ok, now I really need another scrap night/weekend. I am all orgaznied and ready to go! I have so many projects I need to finish up too. OH, that reminds me, need to order even more pictures too.

Oh happy scrap day!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Freckle Friends Sale

Oh, hurry, check out for their great sale. Super personalized service too. I ordered this morning and picked up my order this evening. How is that for service. they are like 2 minutes from me. Love it!!
what did I get..... bling for a bling swap at I have so much fun on that site. check me out, #1154. Some new acrylic stamps, glue dots (I ran out over the weekend) and other stuff I just have to have.
So, this morning I also placed an ebay order for some stickles and some flowers, I got the flowers just because I love the cute jars they come in and the cute wall hanger that comes with them. Thought I could hang them in the kitchen or in my sewing corner. I really need to sew! Miss my machine.
OK, enough rambling for tonight.
Happy shopping!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Some fun places to shop on line

Some fun places I like to shop on line: (they are right in my neighborhood!) (also close by) (get on their mailing list for great sales - even on Cricut cartridges)

And a fun place to hang out and meet fellow scrappers and crafters from all over the world (I am #1154 :) )

Busy getting ready for our Crops2Remember weekend. It's this weekend, Aug 3-5. I'm so excited. I am so far behind and need to do a lot of catching up here! Have so many projects to finish as well. Yikes, where do I begin. And I ordered 125 pictures from our Florida vacation. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy scrapping.