Monday, January 7, 2008

I am a Certified Fiskars Demonstrator!

I did it! I am a Certified Fiskars Demonstrator. Have my official name badge, certificate and training manual. Wow!

I have been wanting to put the creative part of me to work for a long time. I found it through the Fiskateers. What a wonderful group of women these are. All around the world, women can get together on one awesome site and share their love for crafting. Does not have to be scrapbooking. Some sew, quilt, bead, make cards, stamp, you name it. These folks love crafting. Like me.

When I heard of the demonstrator training I jumped on board right away. My friend Tara also jumped on board, probably right before me as she is pretty quick.

We met Stephanie and Anita and Cheryl, one of the lead Fiskateers joined us. We met other Fiskateers local to our area as well as some soon to be Fiskateers. So much fun! We also got to win fun prizes. I love winning prizes. I won a fun clear stamp set.

Tara and I are also going to be demonstrators for Fiskars at CHA in February. CHA is in Anaheim and not too far from home. I have always wanted to go to CHA and I have always wanted to work at it or an Expo. Now I have my chance.

Now that this door has opened for me, I have to find fun ways to put this to use. I already have some plans churning around in my head. If anyone needs a Fiskars demonstrator, I am the gal for you.

We got to play with all the fun punches, border punches, embossing tools, cutters, drills, and have yummy Fiskar colored snacks.
Me and Tara taking a break to pose for a picture.