Friday, February 15, 2008

CHA Anaheim Day 1

Was just amazing! Tara and I headed up to Anaheim aroun 9am, got checked in and started walking through the convention center. Everything imaginable for crafts and hobbies - paint, fabric, wood, scrapbooking, jewelry making, tools, stamping, printers, and the list goes on and on. We visited so many booths and got so many freebies! My bag was bursting, and heavy. If we wore a Cricut t-shirt we got a free, yes free, cricut cartridge! Ok, I'll wear a shirt for a free cartridge. Got a few other t-shirts, magazines, plastic storage bags, can't even remember it all. I will have to dig through my stuff later on.We hit the Fiskars booth (without our Cricut shirts on) before our 1:00 shift started. We got our official Fiskateer shirts, aprons, tags and were prepped on how to man our stations. But first......I can not believe it........ We walked out of the room where we left our bags and got our shirts and who did I spy??? Mark from Ten Years Younger on TLC and Nadia one of the mavens on Home Made Simple! I love Homemade Simple! Sometimes I do watch Ten Years Younger during lunch. I got so giddy. I got both of them to sign my shirt and chatted for a few minutes.What nice people they are, to spend some time chatting with a huge fan that they don't even know. That just really made my day. I also hooked Nadia up with Stephanie, one of the lead Fiskateers. Might be seeing some Fiskars products on that show later on. My shift went by so fast. I was asked so many questions about the Heidi Grace product line. I had no idea how to answer but was able to refer the asker to the very knowledgeable Heidi Grace designers who were working the booth. By the end of my shift I sure learned a lot more than when I first got there. I also met people from Germany, Sweeden, Australia, China, Mexico and all ove the US. At my booth people could make these really cute treat holders. They were a big hit as many people were bringing them back home for their kids. By the end of the day, I was tired, hoarse, and my legs were sure aching. But I had so much fun!

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